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About us

In 1981, we commemorate AYHAN BEZMEZ, who pioneered the sector with his company Yeni Levent Ticaret, with respect, love and blessings. In 1988, Mustafa CİNELİ, in 1998, Mehmet BORAN and Dinçer SUYABAKAN joined the company, and after the death of the founder Ayhan BEZMEZ in 2000, they were brought to the company management by the family.

During the past period, they have contributed to the development and growth of the company by adding their personal reputations to the reputation of the company from the past.

In 2013, as the family and management, with a joint decision, the commercial life of Yeni Levent was terminated and it was decided by the management to continue its activities with the new company to be established.

Now It’s Maraton Time

MARATON A.Ş., which was established on 06/05/2013, continues to grow together with its business partners by adding new ones to its existing services with the same staff and newly joined professional teammates with its knowledge-experience culture and ethical understanding gained from 32 years of adventure under the identity of Yeni Levent; It leads the sector with sales and technical application services in different channels in the roof, facade and insulation materials category.

Although Maraton A.Ş. is a Bursa based company, it provides retail & wholesale sales to 81 provinces of Turkey as well as overseas export services. Apart from imported products, it has distributorship and main dealership business partnership with approximately 20 manufacturer partners. With its 13.000 m2 stock area, it has a wide range of products that can respond to the needs in retail and wholesale trade in the fastest way. It prioritizes customer satisfaction with a reliable team that knows the technical features of the products, provides appropriate guidance with its experience.

As of February 2023, Rollbent Building Materials, which was established in Bandırma as a MARATON A.Ş. brand, started to produce building materials that go through high technology R&D stages in its own factory.

Our company, which has realized significant projects in the past period, has given importance to diversification, development and quality in brand, staff, region and service elements and continues to grow and grow by investing especially in people.


To create development partnerships with all our stakeholders by adding value to the future with our knowledge, skills, culture and ethical understanding


To achieve innovation-driven, international sustainable growth that benefits our customers, stakeholders, employees and society by creating value for all.

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